Ivo Karlovic is on track to accomplish something that no player has ever done before. Over the course of his career, Karlovic, along with John Isner, has set a new standard for one-dimensional tennis playing. The big men win so many service points that they are almost impossible to break, making their own service-return limitations manageable. With a player on court who maximizes the likelihood of service holds, tiebreaks seem inevitable.

This season, Karlovic has taken tiebreak-playing to another dimension. Through the previous evening’s semi-last at the Calgary Challenger (last score: 7-6, 7-6), the 6-11 Croatian has played 42 matches, including 115 sets and 61 tiebreaks. In rate terms, that is a tiebreak in 53% everything being equal. Among player-seasons with somewhere around 30 coordinates over the ATP, ATP qualifying, and ATP Challenger levels since 1990, nobody has ever before topped half.

Notwithstanding moving toward the half limit marks somebody as extremely bizarre. Under 20% of visit level sets achieve 6-6, and it’s uncommon for any single player to top 30%. This year, just Isner and Nick Kyrgioshave joined Karlovic in the 30%-in addition to club. Indeed, even Reilly Opelka, the seven-foot American prospect, has counted just 31 tiebreaks in 109 sets this season, useful for a progressively humble rate of 28.4%.

Karlovic is in a genuinely unfamiliar area. Isner came shut in his leap forward 2007 season on the Challenger visit, playing 51 tiebreaks in 102 sets. Whatever remains of the record-breaking top ten rundown begins to get somewhat monotonous:

* Karlovic’s and Isner’s 2018 sums are through matches of October twentieth.

For more assortment, here are the 15 unique players with the most noteworthy single-season tiebreak rates:

Karlovic is really in a class independent from anyone else. He’ll turn 40 next February, however age has had little effect on the viability of his serve. While he achieved his profession top positioning of No. 14 of every 2008, it was all the more as of late that his serve was taking care of business. In 2015, he won more than seventy five percent of his administration focuses and held 95.5% of his serve diversions. Both of those imprints were vocation highs. His ongoing serve details have stayed among his vocation bests, winning 73.5% of administration focuses in 2018, however as his positioning has tumbled, these accomplishments have come against more fragile challenge, in ATP qualifying and Challenger matches.

Age has inflicted significant damage, be that as it may, and Ivo’s arrival diversion is the person in question. From 2008-12, he broke serve in more than one out of ten possibilities, while in 2016-18, it has fallen underneath 8%. Neither one of the marks is especially impressive– Isner and Kyrgios are the main visit regulars to break in under 17% of diversions this season– however the distinction, from a pinnacle of 12.0% in 2011 to a low of 7.1% this year, clarifies why the Croatian is playing more tiebreaks than any time in recent memory.

Karlovic has for quite some time been a standout amongst the most one of a kind players on visit, because of his stature, his outrageous factual profile, and his readiness (or possibly his need) to approach the net. As he gets more established and his amusement turns out to be significantly progressively one-dimensional, it’s solitary fitting that he breaks his very own portion records, proceeding past the age when the vast majority of his friends resign so as to hit much more pros and play considerably more tiebreaks.


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