NYC- It’s 1 Set to Love and down 1-6 in the second set Tie-breaker…

John McEnroe’s declares the set is over to the national prime time audience on ESPN.  Kevin’s friend and quarter-final opponent, Sam Querrey, is serving to the first of five sets points to even the match at 1 Set apiece.

It could be easy to declare the set hopeless but Kevin fights onward. He doesn’t go for broke and throw caution to the wind. He sticks to his plan and grinds onward treating every point with the attention it deserves.  He hits his return cross court and gets into a rally of backhand exchanges and wins the point.

This point takes on significant importance in that it reflected the commitment to the cause. Kevin didn’t succumb to the pressure of the scoreboard or the psyche of the world famous announcer or the emotions in the stadium or the viewers on television.

Kevin ended up knotting the the score at 6-all in the breaker and lost a heart breaker of a 2nd set after leading 4-2 in set 25 minutes earlier.  But this point stuck in my head long after the match was over.  It shows how some of the most seemingly insignificant points can mean so much in the big picture.

“Losing the second set was really tough but I played each point at a time and it paid big dividends for me today.”  

Your brain is powerful and only you can control it’s thoughts.  Whether you are in the biggest stadium in the world playing the match of your life at the US Open or you are in the park or your local tennis club taking it on the chin.

Kevin’s self talk and “c’mon’s” are significant in this regard. Trust yourself, ignore your fears and battle onward.  Your reward will come in your belief and effort that you planned long before the opportunities are presented in the present.




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