In 2017 we are all about strength and balance. Our main area of focus? The CORE.

Your core comprises the muscles around your trunk and your pelvis; these muscles support your spine, organs, and hips. Training your core not only supports these structures, but also teaches all the muscles in your abdomen, back, and pelvis to work together while your body is in motion. The result is better movement, balance and stability with fewer injuries.

Professional tennis players understand how fundamental core strength is to performance, and at any tournament you will see pros performing workouts and exercises specifically designed around developing a strong core.

Since tennis is such a multi-directional sport, having a strong core is the actual foundation for any on court movement. It is SO IMPORTANT in fact, that we developed a whole class focused on helping you develop more power and less pain. Core Tennis provides targeted moves specific to tennis performance and injury prevention.

If you are resolved that 2017 is going to be your strongest year yet, grab a resistance band and try this move of the day with us!

The Move – Instructions

  • Loop a resistance band (we like these) around a weight bench, couch, net post, or other strong immovable object. I had my trainer Carlos hold the band, so if you have a friend, coach or practice partner around that works too!
  • Kneel and place the foot farthest from your “immovable object” flat on the ground forming a 90 degree angle with each knee. To prevent pain pain on your kneeling knee, use a mat like I do or place a rolled up towel between your knee and the floor. (As with any of our moves, if you experience pain, stop – this move might not be for you).
  • Keeping your arms straight and outstretched in front of you, slowly raise and lower your arms diagonally across your body in a controlled manner. Complete 8-10 repetitions then switch sides. Go low to high on the first set, then high to low on the second set.
  • Remember to keep a strong and engaged abdominal core throughout. Try to maintain your balance as best you can. Good luck!



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